$20 a Day In Chamonix with Rachel Ray

… Without stepping into your kitchen.

Stop by Le Fournil Chamoniard-or any bakery off of the main street-for breakfast, and to pick up lunch.  A Quiche ($3) Cafe au lait ($1.15) and Ham and cheese baguette ($4.80) will get you to dinner for $8.95.

For dinner grab a Cheese Burger from Maison du Burger on the main street for  $6.50

Get to the Spar Grocery store in Cham Sud before 8pm for a 10 pack of Belle Brasserie beers:  $4.90

That’s about $20 with no dishes, and a solid buzz included.


Jeff Quande takes a sunset lap at Flegere.  Maison du Burger, here we come

Server issues

I Apologize for the lack of pictures of our gear, and in our articles.  Aparently, copying and pasting pictures from other internet websites doesn’t work.

I will consider trying to find new photos to use in the old blogs, and will move toward producing more original content.  In the mean time, consider purchasing our jacket.   

One size fits most.

 Just venmo me the money.  

First Attempt Jacket


Built in Excuse:

This is the perfect jacket for your first foray into the backcountry.  Hiking is hard, and this jacket comes equipped with a perfectly reasonable excuse to turn around: just rapidly pull the main zipper up and down a few times and it will come off its track.  Uh-oh, better head back to civilization where it’s warm and there are no avalanches.


The nylon used for this jacket is highly permeable, better stay at home unless it’s nice out.

iPhone Pocket:

This Jacket only has one pocket.  Luckily, it’s the perfect size for an iPhone.  At least you can get a good pic out of this sweaty, dangerous experience and give your friends some fomo on Instagram.


Venmo me the money with a size request and I’ll see what I can do.