First Attempt Pant




You’ll be fine:

Listen, these pants aren’t great.  But, you’ll be fine.  If you ski less than a week a year, or are just checking the sport out, these are for you.   The only thing dumber than wearing our ski pants on an all day tour in a blizzard would be paying $450 for leg coverage that you can’t wear to dinner with the Queen of England.

Snow-ball saver cuffs:

The inner bottom pant legs tear easily when your ski boots hit each other, this will create an entry point for snow which will be usable later for snowballs. It will also melt inside your pants when worn indoors and create puddles.

One size fits all:

This solves the age old question, “What style do I go with.”  If you’re tall you get the tight hipster skier look, if you’re short you get the ski-gangster look.

Water Resistant:

Kind of.


Our pants come with two pockets

Made in China:

Our pants are made right in China.  Unlike those other outerwear companies who pretend not to be complete crap, we pass on the savings to you.

$35  one size fits all

Ships slowly

Send Cash to:

Abbott Gilbane

70 Jonquilles

Rue des Grand Montets

Chamonix, Sud


I need to make it through this winter somehow

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