The 5 Hottest Dudes in Freeskiing


People Magazine, Vanity Fair, and all those other mainstream outlets have carefully listed the sexiest men of 2015, but for skiers you can only be so hot without the ability to shred.  So, I’ve taken it upon myself to name this year’s hottest (in terms of overall sexiness) male freeskiers. Feast your eyes, ladies: 

5:  Banks Gilberti


Photo from Banks Gilberti’s personal facebook page

Does it get any hotter than long blond curly hair, clear blue eyes, and tight pants?  Maybe it’s just the dude in me talking, but I don’t think so.  Banks rides a Harley Davidson, has a pierced nose, and will probably out-dress you.  Plus, he can totally destroy moguls in a 70s throwback hot way.  Perfect for the older ladies, or just anyone interested in versatility:

<p><a href=”″>Adventures in Transition II: Episode III</a> from <a href=””>Adventures In Transition</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Skip to 4:45 to catch Banks pulling a super hot transfer gap 180, then slide into a sexy-fun throwback outfit to shred moguls.

4:   Sammy Carlson


Sammy is like a cute black lab puppy dog.  He’s adorable, polite, nice, always smiling and squinting like he’s just having a great time.   But, what makes him even cuter is that this puppy dog also has a little bit of pit-bull in him.   Get ‘em Sammy, sick ‘em!

3.  Sean Pettit


Photo from Sean Pettit’s Facebook page 

Sean’s jaw line is amazing. And, he oozes confidence. Plus, this year he is starting all of his movie parts in bed with two chicks, so he must be hot, right?

2.  Nick Martini:


Photo from Nick Martini’s Facebook page

Nick is a babe.  And, he’s so much more than just a pro skier.  He runs his own film production studio, and lives in L.A.  His video profile of 93-year-old skiing legend Joe Lahout, and of Angel Collinson and Hadley Hammer learning to ski park at mount Hood show that there’s a sharp, sexy mind behind that good looking face.  Plus, he’s in a mysterious new ski movie about skiing the Trans-Siberian railroad with Callum Pettit and Ingrid Backstroke.  It’s under the radar and real hot.

1: Eric Hjorleifson:


38563_135147486522080_7290098_n Photo from Eric’s Facebook page

This Canadian smokebro has one thing that puts him far above the rest of the hotties on this list:  The sexiest turns on earth.   When you take away all the fluff and B.S. that cloud freeskiing, the clothes, the sponsorship, the massive cliff hucks, the backcountry park tricks, the make-up, what are you left with?  Just Eric Hjorliefson on a bluebird day in British Colombia in field of champagne powder, naked, making the sexy, sexy turns.


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