Art is hot and all, but it’s a lot hotter when it’s directly related to shredding.  Here are five artists whose subjects and homes are the mountains, ranked based on the sexiness of their work.

5.  Rachel Pohl



Rachel’s trippy take on Mountain landscapes bring the playful feeling of skiing to the canvas.   These are not your grandfather’s stagnant landscapes, they are free-flowing celebrations of mind expansion in the high country, painted by an artist who just happens to shred backcountry lines on snow-blades.

4.  Alex Inchbald


Photo from Alex’s Facebook page

Alex carries large canvases and acrylic paints up mountains by foot and by chair, to the confusion of skiers in the Chamonix Valley.  He is more established than the other artists on this list, and while the prices of his originals reflect that, his prints are priced reasonably.  Own one of his paintings and you’ll have a piece of art that has stood atop a mountain ridge in the environment it depicts.

3.  John Springer


Take one look at the “about the artist” page on this eccentric Teton Valley painter’s website and you will understand that he has an awesome sense of humor–one that keeps him from taking his passions too seriously.  “High school was an interesting time… While I still wore Polo shirts and Sperry’s on the outside, on the inside I was a revolutionary wearing tattered clothes and a feather in my hair, ready to denounce all and take no substitute for freedom.” His depictions of the Tetons are, in a word, “rad.”

2.  Ian Compton

<p><a href=”″>Weakday Warrior.</a> from <a href=””>ian compton</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

In the performance art category, Ian’s ongoing series “The Weak” is an awesome celebration of good music and the simple fun of skiing with friends.  The one and a half to two minute videos are mostly shot in the Vermont woods and terrain parks.  Even if it’s not your style of skiing, Ian captures simple, happy skiing that is great to see on a weekly basis.  It’s a quiet rebellion against being anything but yourself when you put on your skis, and it makes me stoked that this is “pro skiing.”

1.Robin Gleason


Another Teton Valley artist, Robin is a print-maker and paper cutter who has a knack for capturing iconic mountains from a skier’s perspective. The layered nature of her work lets shadows form naturally, and gives the pieces depth while allowing them to maintain simplicity in color and form.

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