$20 a Day In Chamonix with Rachel Ray

… Without stepping into your kitchen.

Stop by Le Fournil Chamoniard-or any bakery off of the main street-for breakfast, and to pick up lunch.  A Quiche ($3) Cafe au lait ($1.15) and Ham and cheese baguette ($4.80) will get you to dinner for $8.95.

For dinner grab a Cheese Burger from Maison du Burger on the main street for  $6.50

Get to the Spar Grocery store in Cham Sud before 8pm for a 10 pack of Belle Brasserie beers:  $4.90

That’s about $20 with no dishes, and a solid buzz included.


Jeff Quande takes a sunset lap at Flegere.  Maison du Burger, here we come

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